WordPress Web Design For Carlisle & Cumbria SMEs

If you’re wanting to set up a website for your small business, WordPress is an excellent place to start.

WordPress is an affordable content management system, CMS, that allows your website to benefit from high quality web design and development. Starting with a high quality WordPress theme, our development services deliver a professional look in a way that other systems can’t provide quite as conveniently.

As well as looking great, WordPress is a user friendly platform. To make it safe to trust your business with, there are a variety of add-ons that that protect your investment. These can perform functions as diverse as running security scans, filtering out hackers, automated back-ups, and spam filtering.

WordPress is also one of the easier platforms on which to carry out search engine optimisation efficiently. You can feel confident, knowing your website is secure and that it is likely to be set up correctly for your target clients to find you.

You don’t need years of experience of coding knowledge to edit and publish content on your website. Just like any other website platform, your message needs to be clear, optimised to what the target visitor is searching for and have a well designed, prominent call to action.

Once you have composed your message, WordPress website enables you to get out your business message with significantly less work than similar platforms.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, Focus Point Design can help you get started with our WordPress design for Cumbria businesses.

How Focus Point Design can help you with WordPress website design for small business

Focus Point Design agency can help you with the technical and practical side of running a website through WordPress to make sure that everything is running smoothly so that it is one less thing you have to worry about.

To prevent any potential security breaches, I can make back-ups of your website daily and set-up a Firewall to protect your business from potential security breaches. This is alongside the protection WordPress already provides you with.

WordPress will sometimes require updates, this could be the content management system, the plugins that provide add-on services, or your chosen theme – either way, I can take care of that for you. I can also provide support with managing any plugins you have to use for business functions, security or optimisation.

If you’re looking to make sales through your website, I can set-up an online ordering system for you and install Ecommerce software so you can get straight to selling your products and services to your potential clients.

Combined with my knowledge of good branding and graphic design, I’ll make sure your WordPress website is focused and consistent to help inspire trust for your small business. If your requirements are very specific, we have connections with web developers who are very experienced in the type of WordPress development work needed to integrate specialist functions into this flexible, open source platform.

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