Graphic Design in Carlisle: Branding Graphics by Focus Point Design

Graphic Design For Your Small Business

If someone is visiting your small business’ website and social media channels for the first time, is your business’ branding consistent?

When someone sees your marketing content, does your branding effectively communicate what your small business can do? 

Your clients may know you for the quality of your services or for your customer service, but can they recognise your company simply by your branding?

How Focus Point Design can help you with Graphic Design

It is important to optimise your marketing activity across different channels to create a professional and recognisable brand for your small business that is consistent throughout.

Graphic design can help your ideal customer become familiar with your business and what it has to offer – consistency is key to achieve this.

I can help you develop a recognisable brand by creating original company logos, finding the font that suits your brand’s message, and picking the colour scheme that will bring your business to life.

There is more to business branding than graphic design and logos, branding is about effectively communicating what your business can do to your ideal customer.

Focus Point Design can develop a full branding package that will communicate with your clients exactly what your business is all about.

Let’s get focused…

Whatever your need is, I can work with you to create professional quality branding graphics and logo designs for your use online, in print, on clothing, and for social media.

From the start to the finish, we will work together on your project to create a logo that your business can rely on. I’ll produce basic sketches with an initial logo design, we will then proof and amend this design to produce a final product that represents your business and your message.

We also offer a full business branding package or you can choose from a variety of logo additions such as icons, photo visuals, or social media avatars.

I am also available to produce print design, vehicle livery design and signage at a high quality, professional standard to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Our graphic design services include:

  • Logos and branding
  • Printed media
  • Colour schemes and typography guides
  • Icons and infographics
  • Social media-ready graphics
  • Canva and Adobe Spark templates
  • Business Cards and letterheads
  • Editorial and commercial
  • Web and print designs
  • JPEG and PNG files
  • Business branding guides
  • Colour scheme
  • Font guide
  • Free initial consultation

Looking for Printed Media?

We can offer brilliant deals on print and signage

Printed Media Signage