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Focus Point Design For Business Website Design in Carlisle

Focus on business branding
We develop your logos, branding and web design to communicate your business’ message clearly.

Focus on small business web design
We build your business’ website with WordPress advising you on themes, website hosting and further web development.

Focus on you
While you focus on your clients, we focus on building your business branding.

At Focus Point Design we offer graphic design, web design and photography services based in Carlisle, Cumbria and around the surrounding region.

I’m Harry and I’m the owner and chief creative at Focus Point Design in Carlisle.

For the last ten years I’ve worked in the graphic design, web design and publishing industries. From professional photography shoots to brand guideline development, I will always get the best out of your graphic design, website design, and visual media – and I do it all in one flexible package for small businesses.

Focused and consistent branding inspires trust and visual legacy. We will work together and refocus your brand. Together we will be designing and building a website that’s mobile friendly with responsive design -that creates a focal point around you.

Find out how we can work together and how I can help you get focused on your branding and web design.

Get focused

Web design

Make it clear what you do and encourage visitors to take action – our website design service helps get your message across.


WordPress web development

Edit and publish your own content without learning to code. We’ll help you get started on digital marketing’s favourite content management system.


Graphic design and logo design for your small business

Optimise and refocus your brand to ensure your ideal customer gets familiar with your business. Get your branding and digital media in tune to draw attention.


Print and leaflet design for your business

From business cards and brochures, to shop signs and stationery, print media is still an important part of marketing your business.


Commercial photography

Every business needs a set of professional photos. Add them to your website, include them in your social media or send them out with your marketing materials.